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Garmin Nuvi Voices Free Downloads - Custom Garmin Nuvi Voices

I've had buddies and family calling in addition to delivering emails asking me about a few the process of Garmin voices. Mainly, most of them have bought a Garmin Nuvi and are curious about knowing ways to get Garmin Nuvi voices free downloads. You may even want to consider free Garmin voices or possibly you want custom Nuvi voices or even the Premium. No matter what your Nuvi's make you'll find something here.

Garmin Premium Voices

So many people are searching for premium Gps navigation voices. They would like to enjoy the things they hear while driving. Surfing the web you might run into voices for example Snoop Dogg, Homer, Stewie, Mr. T, GOzzy Osbourne and much more which might be premium Garmin voices. However, you will find 3 premium voices endorsed and marketed by Garmin. Fundamental essentials SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer.

SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants is really a voice many people love. If you're driving alone, you'll enjoy the organization of the friend that has his eye on the highway and may still cause you to laugh. The SpongeBob bundle includes two fun SpongeBob vehicle symbols to spice up your Garmin map screen.

Dora the Explorer

The Dora the Explorer Premium Voice may be the sweet voice of the true explorer. It's laced with a lot of excitement. Personally, i prefer this Nickelodeon's Dora voice towards the SpongeBob SquarePants Premium voice.

Premium Voices Cost

Because you will expect, the SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer Voices have a price Garmin voices. They are available in a cost. My research signifies that as at May, 2011, both of them cost .99 around the Garmin website.

Custom Garmin Voices

Garmin recognizes that many people abhor the thought of being instructed how to proceed they do not like someone playing the the almighty them over. If that's you, and you've got time and persistence, Garmin isn't troubled along with you being your personal boss.

The Garmin Nuvi voices page gives you tool to produce your personal voice prompt so nobody needs to let you know how to proceed. If you're confident with a family member or friend suggesting how to proceed when driving, you could have them get it done for you personally. You can too get Leader Obama to complete same for you personally.

Garmin Nuvi Voices Free Downloads

If you are looking at Free Garmin voices, this is when you need to pay more attention. You will find several free Garmin voices you are able to download directly in the Tools page. Notable of these Garmin Nuvi voices free downloads are Yeti, Elfred the Elf, Squirrely the Squirrel and Dr. Nightmare!


It's a fundamental truth that Yetis perform a lot of driving. Generally their outings that are mix-country in character discover their whereabouts regularly planning unfamiliar terrains that reason, a Gps navigation device is essential.

Using the Yeti Voices, Yetis can also enjoy their drives much more. However, if you're not a Yeti, I won't recommend that you will get this voice. I attempted it and may hardly hear the voice prompts properly you won't want to be second-speculating how to consider. Why have you obtain the Gps navigation device to begin with?

Elfred the Elf

This free Garmin voice consists to place you in the vacation mood. You'll enjoy Elfred's great understanding and spontaneity in your holiday vacation.

Squirrely the Squirrel

Squirrely the Squirrel is really a fun and wonderful voice prompt. However, similar to the Yeti, it may seem difficult decoding all of the voice prompts.

Dr. Nightmare

You need to know how this voice sounds from the title before you listen to it. It may be real fun hearing this haunted voice pack. However, it's for that brave. I'm not sure how brave your folks are however i don't recommend this voice within the vehicle that can take the kids to college.

Voices Compatibility

These voices are suitable for most Garmin Nuvi makes. You are able to download voices and upload towards the 200 Series up with the high-finish 3700 Series. The older Nuvi 5000 may also be packed with the Gps navigation voices you select.

Some exceptions exist though. The voices aren't suitable for the Garmin Nuvi Gps navigation products the following:

Nuvi 300 seriesNuvi 600 seriesZumo series

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